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 version 1.6.7 changes:
 New server settings.

 version 1.6.6 changes:
 New Icon (Thanks Lorenzo Fabbri).

 version 1.6.5 changes:
 Small fix.

 version 1.6.4 changes:
 Now you can use Bing maps - bird view with different angles (north, west, south, east)
 And few minor fixes.

 version 1.6.3 changes:
 Now its possible to download tiles in diffrent size then standard 256x256px. Just add "rescale=true" into service list config file.
 However, "distance data" and "x mark coordinate" can not be combinated with this feature at this moment.

 version 1.6.2 changes:
 It is now possible to add and edit directly in bulk list, you no longer need to delete the row and add it again to make changes.

 version 1.6.1 changes:
 New feature: If downloading Baselayer map service failed, Map Puzzle will try downloading the tile with Alternative map service.
 New button "Check and download updates" added. This button made it easier to update the program, service list and language pack.
 Several small bugs are now corrected.

 version 1.6 changes:
 New feature: If download fails, Map Puzzle tries to download missing tile with lower zoom level.
 Now its possible to enter point to point coordinates.
 Pause button added.
 Error in the calculation of world file and $clon / $clat is now fixed.
 Improved Logbox functions. Also improved layout.

 version 1.5.2 changes:
 Crashes when starting up is now fixed.

 version 1.5.1 changes:
 Improved Bulk download and improved Preview feature. And some more bugs fixed.
 Now its also possible to download maps from services using SWEREF99 / bounding box, use {BBOX(SWEREF99)}.
 NOTICE: But this feature is only beta and limited since it uses another projection then map puzzle was mainly written for.

 version 1.5 changes:
 Bulk download available. New layout. Bug fixes.

 version 1.4.9 changes:
 Added the possibility to set latitude and longitude coords into filename.
 $lat / $lon and $LAT* / $LON*. Where * = wildcard. The dot in the coordinates will be replaced with desired character.

 version 1.4.8 changes:
 Changed the way you download the service list and language pack.
 Preview file path button.

 version 1.4.7 changes:
 Added the ability to more easily manage the log.
 Bug fix.

 version 1.4.6 changes:
 Improved world file function.

 version 1.4.5 changes:
 Added support (ISO 8859-1) for french language.

 version 1.4.4 changes:
 Small bug fixes.

 version 1.4.3 changes:
 Added new feature, the ability to place map data (distance, longitude and latitude) in a border outside the map.

 version 1.4.2 changes:
 Improved Scale Line settings.

 version 1.4.1 changes:
 Bug fix.
 Longitude and Latitude will be printed into the image when using "Add Lines" addon.

 version 1.4.0 changes:
 Language package added.

 version 1.3.3 changes:
 Some small fixes.

 version 1.3.2 changes:
 Automatically checking for updates.

 version 1.3.1 changes:
 Changed Geocoding service from Yahoo to Google.

 version 1.3 changes:
 * Totaly new map service system. Now you can add and modify your own services.
 * Preview map before downloading.
 * Save your settings.
 * World file generator used for GIS.
 * Choose jpeg compression level.
 - And much more...

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